Sonic Landscapes - 68 degrees north

Hans Helmstroem, a 19th-century scientist, wants to create a northern light himself in the Arctic Circle. Will he succeed?

„Hans Helmstroem is certain that his outflow apparatus is beginning to connect to the electricity in the air. The researcher firmly believes that a northern light will develop from this.“

68 degrees north

Audio bench polar night

The audio installation deals with the magic of the northern lights and scientific attempts to explain the magical phenomena of light.

„It must be very quiet. And really strong northern lights. Then you can hear it like a kind of crackling – What should I compare that to? – like a transmission line.“

Hans Nilsen

The wild women from the Palatinate

What do Sophie La Roche, Johanna Blasius, Elisabeth Gross and Struppi Hanneford have in common? They are courageous women who defy the conventions of their time. They publish the first women’s magazine, live as a robber, set up a circus company or oppose the nazis. In the performative lecture „The wild women from the Palatinate“ the women themselves have their say. A magical phone connects them to the audience during the multimedia presentation.

„I had to cut Bianconi’s portrait into a thousand pieces and break a ring with the inscription ‘Nothing without you’ in two. I don’t want to repeat my father’s expressions.“

Sophie la Roche

Gateway to the sun

With the withdrawal of the American armed forces from the western Palatinate, Germany, military areas in Zweibruecken corresponding to a third of the city area were vacated in one fell swoop. That’s when you get the idea in the small town: We build an international airport. Radio feature for SR2 Kulturradio

„From Zweibruecken Airport to the sunny areas of the world. It hasn’t really become clear who is supposed to fly there. Whether it’s the people from Herschberg or from Contwig…“

Hans-Otto Streuber

photo: USAF

Area One

Area One was one of the most mysterious places in the Rhineland Palatinate, Germany. The population was convinced that the 16-hectare ammunition depot of the US military contained the material that makes war particularly dirty: poison gas. But no one could guess what was really behind the barbed wire fence. In the audio collage, eyewitnesses who lived in the immediate vicinity of the special weapons depot have their say.

„If you walked in the area, there were a few places where you could catch a glimpse of this camp. Things have been observed there.“