Who we are

Radio Sferica

Radio Sferica examines sound spaces in nature and man-made sounds. Poetic pieces for the ears emerge from extensive research, experiments and interviews.

With exciting live radio plays, sound installations and lectures, Radio Sferica takes the audience into a world full of wonder.

Susanne Lilischkis

studied media art at the HBK Saar and after her graduation was a master student with Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach. Her artistic work includes performance, radio plays and experimental photography. She also works as a freelance journalist for press and radio and has a teaching position for writing at the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences.

Rainer Lilischkis

worked for two years as station manager of the German Arctic research station in Spitsbergen, Norway. He is currently working as a laboratory engineer for micro and nanotechnology at the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences. His keen interest in science and his engineering education enables him to conduct extensive research in the field of sound. As an amateur radio operator, he also experiments with self-made antennas.


"Sound is our passion. We believe in the mental cinema that is created when listening."